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actor and teacher

 איליה דומנוב שחקן, מורה למשחק ותנועה. מורה לקונטקת אימפרוביזציה

Ilya Domanov איליה דומנוב Илья Доманов

        I graduated from Academy of Eurhythmy (Moscow) and "Center of Drama art” (Moscow) as an actor and performer. Studied in GITIS/RATI (Moscow). Studied acting, dance, butoh, clowning, improvisation and contact dance in Russia and EU.

Since 2000, I'm working as an actor, performer and choreographer in independent projects in Israel, Russia and Europe.

            I bring my acting skills and improvisation background

to the exploration of the art of dance and movement.

Since 2000, I have been teaching contact improvisation, movement theatre, performance art. Participated in international theater and dance festivals such as the “Festival Israel ", "Acco Festival” (Israel), «Hot Dance» (Israel), Dublin Dance Festival, "Teatromaniya" (Poland ) etc.

         Taught movement theatre, acting, dance improvisation and contact dance in studio «PLAY» (Israel), in acting school "Beit Zvi " (Israel),acting school of Sophie Moskovich.

Now I work in different projects of theater "Malenky" as

an actor, performer and choreographer, as well as teaching movement for actors in Tel Aviv University and working in

a hospital "Barzilay" as a medical clown.